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Ridge Sports is so much more than jerseys; it is a community. From our players, coaches and staff to our board, friends groups, subscribers, and audience members, we share something truly special when we come together to support the vision of sports as a way to get the best out of one another. Our brand ambassadors share our visionto always pushes ourselves to do better and go towards uncharted territory and it’s what makes everything we do something worth doing.

Pierre Courageux

Safety, Copenhagen Towers
Denmark D1 Champion
French All Stars

World Games Champion

Jonathan Falk

Linebacker, New Yorker Lions
Germany D1 Champion
Switzerland All Stars


Hadrien Lynda

WR, Straubing Spiders


Nicolai Schumann 

Tight End, New Yorker Lions
Germany D1 Champion

German All Stars


Raphaelle Duché

Defensive end, Denver Dream


Andreas Betza

RB, Frankfurt Universe
2018 European Cup Runner Up


Mateo Horber

WR, Geneva Seahawks
Switzerland All Stars


Eddy BamBam

LB, Straubing Spiders


Nicolas Cremer

WR, Rouen Leopards

French All Stars